System Overview

BirdBox is an integrated hardware and software laying hen management system developed by FAI. Clients have realised operational payback in under a year, achieved packer organisation and visibility, and have reported data that suppliers value as a single source of truth.

Designed to give producers increased visibility over their flocks to support proactive decisions, the system combines the following key features to improving flock health, welfare and productivity outcomes.

BirdBox - FAI Farms
Centralised Data Capture
Delivering an integrated picture of flock efficiency, health and welfare through real-time environmental sensors and user-inputted flock data. Access your current and historical flock performance data in graph and report format to determine how efficient flocks are against breed standards, between barns and against historically successful flocks.
Automated Sensor Data
Automated sensors and our industry-leading bird weigher take the guesswork out of daily flock feed and water intake. Our sensors and alerts go the extra step by monitoring water, electric and feed bins in real-time to avoid nasty and costly surprises for our clients.
Health and Welfare Led Efficiency
Successfully detect and respond early to health challenges. Record mortality and treatments, and grant secure third-party access to your veterinary providers to support quick and remote diagnosis. Receive automated prescriptions and safeguard the trust of your retail customers with full traceability of antimicrobial use and animal welfare.
Proactive Response
Promptly respond to in-shed challenges such as costly water leakages and feed time disruptions with Birdbox generated SMS and email alerts and notifications.

Anticipate feed bin re-fills and ensure you always have feed with the in-built feed order feature. Grant your feed supplier secure access to bin-fill information so your deliveries are prioritized and planned.

Cloud Connected, Secure and Sustainable
Access your data on your custom web portal from any web-ready device, anywhere, 24/7.

Easily control and manage who can access what parts of your farm data.

The Wifi, Bluetooth and mobile radio-enabled Birdbox constantly communicates with our secure hosting partner. Our hosting partner provides 365-day support, data privacy under GDPR and German Law, and a high encryption service for clients including The Olympic Games, Swiss Coop and Deutsche Telekom.

Industry Directed
Meet UK poultry legislation and international food retail requirements through BirdBox audit and compliance features, including antimicrobial use, litter quality and feather scoring.

Benefit from FAI’s leading research in poultry welfare and trusted expert advice on supply chain. FAI’s and our industry partner findings are continuously integrated into your custom web portal dashboard so your business always matches global best practice.

BirdBox - FAI Farms